Drama Mix
DramaMix 1993

-SM doesn't print these-
-Double CD Drama Set-

  1. CD-1
    1- DRAMA I [26:44]
    2- The Scarlet Scar (vocal) [4:22]
    -1st song Koji sings on OVA-
    3- DRAMA II [9:03]
    4- Zetsuai 1989 ~ZETSUAI MEGAMIX short style(vocal) [2:06]
    -short remix of track 3 from the 2nd cd-
    5- DRAMA III [10:00]
    6- BAD BLOOD (vocal) [4:08] -1st song from cathexis-

    1- ZETSUAI MEGAMIX ~short style (vocal) [4:21]
    -remix of track-

    2- DRAMA IV [24:36]
    3- What Should I Do (vocal) [4:32]
    -Koji's song in concert while Izumi is listening to his cd in OVA-
    4- DRAMA V [23:00]
    5- Jesus christ love For you (vocal) [4:56]
    -2nd song from Cathexis-

Absolutely a must buy for every Zetsuai fan. Even if you don't speak Japanese, you'd still know what's basically going on when you listen to the drama tracks. But watching the OVA with a script and/or looking at the mangas would help a lot before listening to them. This drama cd pretty much covers all the major events that takes place in the manga series that never took place in the OVA. They hired all the voice actors that were in the OVA to play their characters, plus a few characters that you never get to meet in the OVA. Add in a few tracks of Koji's songs and the BGM from the ova and it's just like a movie version without the visuals.

Some times a fan can feel cheated because the OVA was short, changed a few things around in the story, and just plainly left scenes out. For example, Izumi's mother was suppose to have been alive throughout the series until the end; which I have to say, was a very emotional part in the story. And in the OVA, Koji (Izumi's dog) was never introduced. Koji & Shibuya never went back to attend school along with Izumi. The rape scene where Koji rapes Minako (the girl who was interested in Izumi), was left out; and so on... But after listening to these cd's, I feel satisfied with the results. This is the closest thing you can get to the storyline from the manga.

If you're lost in the story, this summary of the series might help. Summary of Zetsuai & Bronze series

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1992/Minami Ozaki/Victor/JVC
1993/Minami Ozaki/Toshiba EMI